How to fill in application

Before accessing the enrollment system you need to register. Fill in the form on the main page with data concerning your account. As the login to the system the PESEL number is used. It is a Polish official registration number. If you don't have it please insert your date of birth and press Generate PESEL button. An artificial PESEL number will be created for you. Write it down as you will need it while logging into the system. Also double check the e-mail address you have entered as it is needed to reset your password. If the generated PESEL number is reported as already taken please contact us.
Log in
If you have registered and you already have an account you need to log in to the system to gain access to your application. Insert your PESEL number (or the artificial one that has been generated for you), your password and click Application button to log in to the system.
Enter personal data
The first thing after logging into the system is to fill in your personal information. Insert your first and last name, your identity card details and your address information. Insert your real address as the address of residence. If you already stay in Poland fill in this address as the correspondence address. You may also insert your telephone number which will allow us to contact you.
Enter data about education
You need to fill in some general information about your education. Whether you're currently studying at Poznan University of Technology or at any other university and what languages would you like to learn. Then you need to fill in data specific to the degree of studies you are applying for.
Data required for the first-cycle studies
If you're applying for Bachelor's degree studies you need to fill in data about school you've graduated. You also need to insert data about your maturity examination. However we're accepting only three types of maturity examinations:
  • New Polish maturity examination
  • Old Polish maturity examination
  • International Baccalaureate
If you haven't graduated a Polish school or you don't have an International Baccalaureate you need to contact the Recruitment Panel. Pass them your maturity examination from a foreign school – they will calculate the points corresponding to Polish maturity examination. After receiving calculated point fill them into the system.
Data required for the second-cycle studies
If you're applying for Master's degree studies you need to fill in data about the university you've graduated. You need to fill in the graduated field of study and data concerning your diploma. Insert data about your average, your diploma note and the title you have received.
Choose fields of study
After filling in your personal information and data about your former education you can choose fields of study you would like to apply for. Use the Add field of study button to proceed. First choose an enrollment from the list of current enrollments. Then choose a field of study from the list of available fields of study. Repeat the procedure for every field of study you're interested in. You may also change the preferences of the fields of study order if you need to.
Pay the enrollment fee
To take part in the enrollment you need to pay an enrollment fee. Go to the fields of study choosing page. On top of the page you can find your individual bank account number to which you must pay the enrollment fee. If you're doing an international transfer you will find there the required bank account information. On that page you will also find the amount to pay. Remember to transfer the money early enough so they will be noted on our account before the end of the enrollment. Your payment will be automatically distributed to the particular field of study to which you apply for after the last day of registration process for the given field of study.
Deliver the documents
After the qualifications you will find the results on the chosen fields of study page. If you're qualified print the application by clicking on the printer icon. Then you need to deliver the documents do the Recruitment Panel. Be sure to deliver all needed documents in order to be accepted.
Reset password
If you forget you password to the Ksantypa system you can reset it. On the main page click on the Reset password button. On the next page insert your PESEL number (or the artificial one that has been generated for you) and click on the Reset password button. A new password will be sent to the e-mail address you've provided during registration. Use it to log in to the system where you can change it to your own.